work performance directory

work performance directory : AMT-Elektrotechnik

Works on medium voltage cable networks up to 36 kV

  • End plug connector to plastic cable · Indoor · Outdoor · Insulated · Outside cone · Inside cone (Pfisterer Connex)
  • End plug connector to earth cable · SF6 · Oil end cap
  • Socket mounting to plastic cable (NA2XS (F) 2Y · N2XSY · …) · Oil-paper / lead cable (NAKLEY · NEKEBA · NAKBA · …) Connecting sleeves · Transition joints · Branch sleeves · Shrink fitting · Sliding technique · Cold shrink technology · Combinations thereof
  • Safety Cutting System
  • phase identification
  • VLF test according to German BGV A3 · VDE 0276
  • Tests according to guidelines of other states
  • Sheath fault testing
  • cable locator
  • Cable laying work
  • Instruction Switching authorization up to 30 kV available

Work on transformer stations up to 36 kV / switchboards / substations

  • Replacement of medium voltage switchgear
  • wiring of protection, measurement and telecontrol technology; Line differential protection and distance protection
  • Replacement of low-voltage switchgear and distribution boards
  • Replacing compact stations
  • Demolition of old non-encapsulated switchgear
  • complete renovations
  • thereby incurred locksmith work
  • Core drilling in reinforced concrete
  • Replacing cable bridges
  • Transport of switchgear and transformers (-2.5t with own vehicle)
  • Maintenance work

Work on 1-kV power cable networks

  • Sleeve mounting to 1 kV cables, e.g.
  • Plastic cable e.g. NAYY-J, N2XY, N2XCW2Y, …
  • Oil-paper / lead cable e.g. NAKBA, NAKBY, NAKLEY, …
  • Connecting, replacing, repairing house connection boxes (HCB)
  • with NH or Diazed hedge
  • Plastic o. Cast iron boxes
  • Mounting on NH fuse strips in CDC, stations, systems
  • Creating, repairing and repairing cable distribution cabinets (CDC)
  • Creating, expanding, repairing, repairing low-voltage distributors LV in transformer stations
  • cable locator
  • Cable laying work
  • Creation, repair, entertainment in 1-kV cable networks
  • Fault isolation, prov. Elimination and / or elimination (without civil engineering)
  • Maintenance, care, cleaning of 1 kV systems
  • CDC – cleaning · inside · outside · painting · signage
  • all „working under voltage (WuV)“ on plastic, Oil-paper / lead cables, HCB · CDC · LV
  • Data collection and signage of low-voltage systems
  • Creation, correction of designations and plans
  • Working on mesh, ring and star nets
  • Switch authorization on your request (Instruction course up to 30KV available)

Work on 1 kV to 36 kV distribution networks

  • Laying / replacing the overhead line on NFA
  • Make / replace roof posts
  • Adjustment / replacement of masts
  • Transport of masts
  • Slack regulate overhead cables
  • Trees excrements of overhead lines
  • Change over from overhead line to earth cable / transfer from HCB
  • Dismantling of overhead lines
  • new mast performances 1 kV to 36 kV

Working on telecommunication networks

  • Cable mounting on plastic and paper insulated telecommunication cables
  • in the main and branch cable networks
  • on plastic, lead and steel corrugated cable
  • sleeve assembly
  • Creating end closures
  • Creating, replacing cable distribution cabinets
  • Working on the main distributor
  • bevor-checking and end-checking of wire leads
  • shift work
  • cable laying
  • uninterruptible replacement of cables and components

Working on broadband cable networks

  • all work in distribution networks on cables, amplifiers, distributors, feeders and transfer points

cable laying

  • own cable drum trailer (payload 2,8t)
  • Cable strap 200m (hand operated)
  • Empty pipe installation
  • Pipe locating · electronic sound sender location (mulch)
  • Tube examination of e.g. Road crossings -20m (camera survey)

Fault and emergency service 24h (only regional)

We are constantly working to expand our range of services. Other services on request.